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?Why Online Learning

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The recent pandemic proved to us all that the world we live in is changing more rapidly than we thought, reshaping the very nature of numerous transactions, occupations, and services. Of great importance is learning, or more specifically language learning. The classic notion of classroom, teacher, and books is losing color against online classes. Apart from the fact that the constricting circumstances leave us with almost no choice but to opt for online learning, it is not to be missed that the benefits of virtual classes can go beyond those of face-to-face ones.

?So what are the advantages of online learning

It is time-saving
You don’t need to spend as much as your class time to go to and come back from the language school, and can, instead, save it for your own self.

It is cost-effective

Online course usually cost lower than face-to-face ones. In addition to this, the budget you put aside for your daily commute could be saved. We offer classes at very, very reasonable prices. You can either have group sessions or private classes (although sharing the class with others does feel like private ones as it is mostly you and the teacher).

Option variety

Just sit back and relax as you don’t need to worry about which class you have to enroll for. Online courses are plentiful, giving you freedom of choice. Not only does Sepano language academy offer different courses in English, it also provides a chance for you to learn other languages such as German

Sepano online learning department puts learning values first.

?Are the teachers good at this

Of course. They have to pass training sessions both on the content they teach and the software they employ to do so. Learning via an app may sound difficult at first, but when you get a hold of it the whole process will go smoothly. Please note that these apps and pieces of software are optimized for online language learning only.

Online classes do have playback button

As the video of the session are recorded and saved you have the chance to review the class anytime you wish to check something you missed.

Online learning helps you improve in several aspects

Not only can you learn languages which could result in improved memory and communication skills, but you also reinforce such complex brain functions when you attend online classes. This goes even further to prevent possible cases of brain-related diseases including dementia and Alzheimer’s. Another issue is multitasking. Online courses help you with your language abilities along with computer skills as your ability to do several things at once gets better

Language learning can boost your self-confidence

When you learn to speak another language, you can feel better about yourself, have a sense of achievement enabling you to cope better with your daily challenges.

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دوره ها

Online learning is the best way to be safe in pandemic

Written by: Dr Ostad