The need for learning a second language

The need for learning a second language

With the rapid pace of globalization, international transactions, and the rise in migration, the urge to learn a second language is felt more than ever before. Foreign language learning is no longer a luxury or pastime, but a necessity. online language learning is also a new challenge.

?Why online learning

With the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand of face-to-face classes has been shrinking by day giving rise to a multitude of online classes which have gained popularity more than anticipated. This is where our specialty comes in.

?Are online classes beneficial

Here, in Sepano we offer quality education with any modern language you desire. Employing a fluid and dynamic management system, we ascertain that the classes are held using the best quality possible to suit your expectations.

amozesh online sepano

Sepeno Online Language Learning is the answer to this challenge

There are many online language courses to choose from

Here, we offer various courses in English along with many other popular languages such as German, French, Dutch, Arabic, Korean, Russian, Turkish, Swedish, Spanish, Italian, and many more else besides.

We use experienced teachers to instruct online classes

In order to have the teaching staff, Sepano uses a very strict and rigorous teacher selection approach, followed by teacher training courses, observations, demonstration sessions. Most of our teachers have been instructing for over a decade, with many holding a master’s degree in that language.

We use experienced teachers to instruct online classes

Sepano is glad to announce that it officially represents Afarinesh IELTS-house, which specializes in IELTS preparation courses. We also represent GLS Language School, Berlin and hold German language training courses from A1 to C2 level according to CEFR, preparing candidates for German language tests such as Goethe-Institut test and TestDaF.

The most reasonable price for online courses

Our courses are offered using very reasonable prices compared to many language schools as our currency is much lower when converted to US dollar of Euro. To know more about the fees do not hesitate to contact us.

You can learn a language as fast as possible

To ensure efficiency, without sacrificing quality, we hold our courses with the shortest length possible and in order to reduce the boredom of long language courses. This is very useful for those of you who have very limited time to learn a language with the maximum exposure.  

Online classes save you a lot of time

Perhaps the best thing about online sessions is that they are time-efficient. The number of hours you spend going to and coming back from face-to-face classes could be spent on learning itself, practicing, or even relaxing.

YOU can choose when to attend a course

Another benefit of online classes is flexibility. YOU can choose the time of the classes based on your own needs and free time. You are NOT forced to select the times that language institutes offer any more.

?What platforms or applications are used

We hold our online classes in languages using the best platforms and applications which are not only very easy to use but also offer a wide range of functions such as typing, texting and sharing files, recording, having video conversations along with very practical virtual whiteboard. 

Online classes offer an easy learning experience

Your language leaning experience will be a very pleasant one as all you need is your phone, laptop, or tablet and a fast internet connection. Just sit back and enjoy learning languages with Sepano.   

By Dr.Ostad

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